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Takashi Walker is a former Professional, College, and High School Player and Coach.  He has been training football players in the Central Florida area for the past 14 years. He has trained athletes in several sports including football, soccer, baseball, and track & field. His clients consist of NFL, College, High School, and some youth players who are serious about training.

Takashi is located just outside of Orlando in Clermont, FL. Sports has been something he has enjoyed for a very long time and it gives him great joy to help others achieve their goals through teaching them the basic fundamentals as well as the in-depth skills that will set them apart from their competition.

Takashi's training program consists of teaching every single individual that he trains/mentor every aspect of the game from basic skills, position drills, film study, college recruiting, mental aspect, speed training, next level preparation etc.

Like many of his former clients, if you decide to take this journey with Takashi to accomplishing your training goals, you too will see a drastic improvement in your game.

Takashi Walker
National Sports Performance Association
Certified Program Design Specialist

Dezariah Johnson is a former professional football player with Orlando Predators. He is an Orlando native who has been training athletes in the Orlando area for the past seven years in several sports including football, track, weight lifting, and baseball. He received a full athletic scholarship to play football at Florida International University. During his training career he has helped players go from high school to college in their respective sports.

Skills Training

Without a doubt we believe the most important part our program is the skills aspect. We focus the majority of our time on working on the skills that our athletes will be required to perform on the playing field. After all, it does not matter how fast, strong, quick, or high you jump if you can't play. We have all seen athletes over the years that could do all those things mentioned before, but were not able to perform on the field.


Flexibility is one of the main components of a successful athlete. The more flexible an athlete is, the more they will increase their aerobic fitness, prevention of injury & muscle cramps, gain muscular strength & endurance, improve performance of daily activities and enhance joint health among other things.

Speed & Agility

Speed and agility speaks for itself as every athlete wants to increase their speed and agility. There is no doubt that any athlete that increases their speed and agility will improve their overall performance, so we try to attach at least one component of every session with a speed and agility block.

Strength & Conditioning

Another staple in our program is our strength & conditioning component. We generally recommend that all of our athletes who are in high school and above schedule at least one strength & conditioning session with us every single week to maximize their overall development with the other on field training components that we offer within our program. We believe strongly that an athlete who is skilled in all phases of their on field development, must not neglect their strength & conditioning, as they surely go hand in hand their success.

Pro Day/Combine Training

We work with athletes who are preparing for the NFL Combine & their College Pro Day. We help them increase testing results in the 40 yard dash, 3 cone drill, L drill, vertical, positions drills, and their 255 bench test. During this training process we also partner with vendors who offer massages & meal prep plans. Additionally, we offer body recovery treatment to our athletes at our facility.

Film Study

Film study is another important aspect of our program. During my playing days professionally, I started to realize the great benefits of film study, whether that's watching practice, training, or game film. I can honestly say that I began to see tremendous results from it. We teach our athletes not just to watch film, but how to watch film with an added purpose, along with some great film breakdown secrets that you might not find anywhere else.

Mental Knowledge

Smart players seem to be hard to find these days. Being a smart player along with having great athletic ability, being skilled, having strength, well conditioned, and great flexibility is a great combination. So, we try our best to fill our athletes with as much knowledge as possible in regards to their sport and position. I have never met a coach who did not like a smart athlete, therefore until they stop liking smart players, we will continue to pursue making players smarter.

 Coach Takashi has been a tremendous help to my family and I during high school and my journey into college. Coach Takashi has taught me the valuable skills I will need to perform as an outside linebacker, sprinter, and an elite combine performer. While playing for East Ridge high school I earned the "Top Linebacker " award, making 105 tackles and 10 sacks. Working with Coach Takashi I've seen both my 40 time and 100 time improve. My 40 time was 4.8 with Coach Takashi 4.58 and my 100 time went from 12.4 to 11.3 after training with him. I was able to compete and hold the highest Nike SPARQ rating for Miami and Alabama. Also I competed in the Nike SPARQ National Championship in Oregon. My footwork, hand placement and coverage recognition have improved exceptionally. Coach Takashi has also taken the time to talk with me about the academic and social aspects of college, I may come across. Coach Takashi is a fantastic mentor and coach. I recommend any person who wants to be an elite athlete to come and train with him. I thank GOD for allowing our paths to meet. 

Justin Horton
Jacksonville Jaguars

 Takashi Walker to me has been more than a coach or even a friend, he has been another big brother to me( I have 2 older brothers as well). In his very short time in Oshkosh ,Takashi taught me what it means to be not only a Corner but a difference maker on the field. He pushed me to better not just at my technique, but in every other aspect of the game from film study to route recognition, breaks, jamming and even catching (commonly overlooked skill among DB's). While He was in Oshkosh Takashi constantly challenged me to be better than even I thought I could be, and never letting my head get to big keeping me humble even when success came my way. I vividly remember constant DB drills and one on one's ( me trying to cover him), showed me a young sophomore at the time just how far I had to go and how hard I had to work every single play to be a play maker. The entire time Takashi Walker believed that I could become the Shut down corner I am today even then. Things I learned from Takashi definitely helped separate me from all other corners in my conference and even the Midwest. Takashi Walker has played and continues to play a vital role in my football progression and life. To me he is more than a Coach (although now from afar) ,he is still a dear friend and in more ways than I have described here my big brother for whom I thank GOD for bringing him into to my Life. 

Nate Heard
Utah Blaze Arena Football League

 Takashi Walker has been my personal trainer for a little over a year now. His dedication and concern for his clients is the highest example of professionalism. The workouts are a combination of challenging exercises and fun. Since my goal was to achieve the highest level of talent I could achieve as a Defensive back, which I am continuing to do, Takashi is quick to remind me that being consistent with my workouts is one part of the formula. The other part is a great attitude and with him, that part is easy. I would recommend a workout with Takashi for everyone who is trying to pursue the next level. 

Gladel Brutus
New Orleans VooDoo

 I met Takashi Walker back in 2010 and his knowledge of the game and training help propel my game from being average to a superior level. His knowledge of the game and what’s needed to be great in the game of football that he has obtained over the years is second to none. I would say throughout my 12 years of play football the last two years training with Takashi was when I say I learned the most I learned what it takes to be a professional from a professional. His hands on training along with his attention to detail will get the best out of you and you will know upfront that this is the training that you need. 

Joshua Tanner
Defensive Back SFL Daytona Beach Racers

 I strongly recommend Coach Walker for anyone thinking about playing football, just starting to play football or those serious about playing football the right way. Coach Walker has the perfect combination of experience, ability, patience and relatability for a young athlete. Coach Walker also communicates very clearly with both his players and their parents, which is a huge part of being a great coach of the game. Our son is on the freshman high school football team only having played years of soccer. Worried that he was not getting taught the proper technique and mechanics and would therefore suffer an injury, we sought out private training for our son. Before even having a training session, Coach Walker was so patient with our questions and attempt at making the right decision. In fact, Coach Walker spoke at length with us on 3 separate occasions and gave us the confidence that he knew how to teach football “the right way” to our son. Our son learned more in his first session with Coach Walker than months of 3 hour football practices at school. Our son is now on a regular training schedule with Coach Walker. We travel all the way from Oviedo to Coach Walker’s Training facilities for these trainings - a 45 minute ride each way. This is a testament to how much we believe in the quality of the training that Coach Walker provides. 

Nadine Castro
Parent of client Christian Castro
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